About BCCC

About the Blues City Cultural Center

The Blues City Cultural Center is a Memphis-based non-profit arts organization dedicated to inspiring positive social change. For over 35 years, BCCC has used the stage and other venues as platforms to enlighten, empower and transform lives. We believe the foundation for change can be found in artistic endeavors that ultimately help people discover new ways of engagement, expression and self-determination. Our signature outreach and education programs—Seek to Serve, Hope Day Zone, Sew Much Love, and Peace in the House—resonate across cultures and generations by fostering dialogue, understanding and acceptance. Whether our work increases human capacity, explores issues of homelessness and poverty, facilitates conflict resolution, or provides opportunities for creative expression, it celebrates the human spirit and adds voice to our shared experiences.


Photo/bio – Debbie & Levi (can be a joint biography or artistic statement)

Accolades & Ovations

Akiba Shabazz, Harold Gentry, Ron Parker, Gregory Boyd, Pat Gill, Martron Gales, Marshall Jacks, Etheridge Knight, Quincy McKay, Jon Wilson, Michael Sanders, Danny Drew, Naomi Dyson, Robert Lipscomb, Shep Wilburn, Herman Morris, Veronica Coleman Davis, Gia Eaton Broadway, Daryl Williams, Marilou Awiakta, Naomi Moody, Rose Flenorl, Joanna Redmond, Gary Rowe, Ralph Allen, Nokie Taylor, Stoy Baily, David Yellin, Wilson Clayton, Kpe Abioto, John Sullivan, James Thompson, Harold Thompson, Dr. Brenda Morris, Kimberly Yarborough, Ardia Cunningham, Jim Palmer, Jo Lynn Palmer, Drs. Jebose and Theresa Okwumabua, Bennie Nelson, Etta Johnson, Yvonne Robinson Jones, Bill Jones, Brenda Bell, Mark Bell, Michael Dyer, Ron Gephart, Jesse Lee, Wood Bell, Willie Covington, Martha Perine Beard, June Spencer, Ronald Cunningham, Lemuel Osborne, Cato Walker, Ekundayo Bandele, Willard Pugh, Glenn Sessoms, Rudy Garner, and Chuck Patterson.

Board of Directors


  • Danielle Schonbaum, Chairperson
  • Judith Black Moore, Vice-Chair
  • Larry Smith, Vice-Chair
  • Gwendolyn Cranshaw, Treasurer
  • Evelyn Hall Little, Secretary


  • Joyce Cox
  • Willie Jean Evans
  • Janis Forbes
  • William Dennis Head
  • Charlee Jones
  • Ricco Mitchell
  • Clint Norwood
  • Tonya Sesley Baymon
  • Robert Washington
  • Cassandra Williams