CAST_logoCAST – Collaborations in Arts, Science and Technology is an arts-based project whereby youth receive practical training in the creative arts (drama, music, dance, expressive writing and visual arts) from professional artists. CAST promotes collaborative learning that fosters teamwork, group cohesiveness, open dialogues, the exchanges of ideas, and a sense of shared responsibility. Further, it reinforces experiential learning whereby youth learn by doing. As with all its youth programming, BCCC employs nationally-recognized best practices. First, project delivery is a collaborative partnership among BCCC, youth, families and other stakeholders. Second, it provides dynamic hands-on learning whereby youth are provided opportunities to succeed. Third, it recognizes and involves the community in which youth live. Fourth, the project culminates in a public performance or exhibition in an effort to build participants’ self-esteem and sense of accomplishment through public recognition. While CAST is arts-based, it incorporates science and technology as integral components to expose youth to innovations and ideas that are changing the future and shaping the world.