Peace in the House

peace in the house

Research has shown that youth who engage in the creative arts are less likely to drop out of school, use drugs and alcohol, or engage in inappropriate behavior. Additionally, the most opportune period to implement preventive/intervention programs is during the elementary and middle school years before negative behaviors become entrenched in students’ lives. PEACE IN THE HOUSE is a conflict management, peace promotion program that uses drama, music, dance and visual arts to educate and enliven the lives of youth who may be susceptible to high-risk behaviors. By working with practicing art educators and other trained professionals to understand the value of peace, youth learn how decision-making, impulse control, and conflict resolution skills can be used to avoid or diffuse confrontations. PITH works extensively with youth in grades 4–9 (ages 9-14). . Since it is site-based, BCCC artists work with youth in their own familiar environments. It has been implemented in churches, schools, and youth organizations.