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WHO AM I? For Women Who Have Seen the Rough Side of the Mountain

“Behind these white walls, I sit in silence. I have gotten beaten up, raped and molested. Sometimes, I ask God what did I do. He tells me I will move through this struggle. So, I keep my faith behind these white walls.” In a moving portrayal of homelessness, this 60-minute production is an original compilation of poems, essays and thoughts by homeless women in the BCCC Hope Day Zone arts project. Presented as Readers Theatre without a set, costumes or props, it is a bare, provoking interpretation of pain, silence, escape and renewal.



Nature comes to life in Tickle the Rain! In Nigeria, RAIN is on a mission to find her brother, the RAINBOW. Overcome with sadness, her tears fall like heavy rain causing floods throughout the land. Heroic little IKE embarks on a dangerous quest to save his village and nearby forest. During his adventures, he meets an ostrich who gives him some wise advice … Tickle the RAIN for no one cries when tickled. During this 40-minute interactive fable, the audience becomes part of the story. It is the ideal production for teaching new cultures and words to young children. TICKLE THE RAIN is eligible for ticket subsidy through ArtsMemphis.



Barry Turner, aka BT and Big Ten, had it all. He was a college football All-American on the path to a promising professional sports career. After a football injury during his sophomore year, Barry returns home believing he has lost everything of importance in his life. Faced with seemingly little hope and unfulfilled dreams, Barry must learn that one failure does not define him or his future. While stressing the importance of education, this 60-minute inspiring drama champions the human resolve to overcome great adversity.